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Taxi Driver Returns Passenger’s Phone And Money, Rejects N10k Gift

It appears Angels still exist on the face of the planet, moreso in Nigeria. A Facebook user identified as Mr Norah has shared his ordeal wih a taxi driver in Lagos, after he forgot his phone and a large sum of money in an envelope.

According to the poster, after doing some running around in a bid to find his items, he met with the driver who returned his items to him intact.

Shocked at this uncommon act of kindness, he gifted the man N5,000 and he rejected it.

He then apologised and gifted him the sum of N10,000. The good samaritan simply took N1,000 and returned the remaining N9,000 to him.

The young man who couldn’t believe the action of the taxi driver then took a photo of the driver and thanked him.


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  1. Awwwww…God bless him!

    I lost my phone on Saturday and the line has been off, wouldn’t make me stop believing we still have good people out there sha!

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