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Nigerian lady fights with two half-naked girls she saw with her ex-fiance

When it comes to matter of the heart, it appears that most females are unpredictable.

Just when the ‘whole world’ is ranting about Big Brother Naija’s most controversial housemate, a Nigerian lady has taken to Facebook to narrate how emotionally messy she can get

Identified as Ada Uchenna, she shared her lengthy vent which read;

So I fought with two girls over my ex fiancée

Yes, you heard me right. Some of the things you think you cannot do, wait till ara ahụ akpọrọ lọvụ ka ọ gba gị… Then you’ll know for sure your limit and self control capacity.

All through my teenage, early adult life, relationships were something I never gave thoughts to. I loved once and I knew how emotionally messy I can be when I love. Anyway that was then, when I thought that love is all about emotions and how I feel. (note, love have little or nothing to do with emotions. It is a deliberate act).

When I was writing my junior waec, a boy desperately fell in love with me. Pure unadulterated love. He asked for nothing in return. He fought my battles, coached me, built a solid foundation from which I was able to note genuine love from afar. He made me realize that a man can wait for you if he truly sees a future with you. That any man that asks you for sex in a place of proving how much you love him is a fraud. Kai, Igwebuike taught me plenty things oo. I owe him a lot but yadiba.

So, when Igwe’s parents refused us from being together because I had no father, I decided to lock my heart and face my studies. During these period, I met good, bad and the ugly men. Some I liked, some I just wanted their money, while some even wanted sex with. Well, university came and went. By now I’ve had many suitors, some I wanted to marry but they could not deal with my strong personality, some I didn’t want to marry but was almost pushed to and some I had mixed feelings for.

Immediately a girl is about 25, society begins to count years for her like life depends on getting married and breeding children.

Just like each of us, I wanted to be called Mrs sombori, ehen nụ. Ka akpọm nwunye mmadụ. Fortunately I met and passed 25 without getting married. So, in 2016 I met this my Ex. He was a sweet boy. A very caring handsome young dude bubbling with big dreams which I wanted to be a part of. His major weakness is that he is a Public P3nis. He swayed me off my feet that within 3 months I already said yes to his proposal. I left town for a few months job training, just to come back to lots of drama.

Initially when we started, I told him I am team no Sex before proper marriage, he thought he would use the engagement to get in between my legs, unfortunately it didn’t work for him. So we started having some petty arguments. During one of the arguments I threw his ring back at him and called it over. The next day, when I was stable, I went to his house, only to meet two girls half naked. I didn’t even say a word. I went to kitchen to prepare food, after which I took my bath, wore his shirt and came to the living room. By now it was already night and the girls were not even shaking body to go. I politely asked them to go that I have some things to discuss with my man and it is getting late. That they can come back next day to continue their gist.


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