The news of popular pastor, Dr Tony Rapu being defrauded is false – Banky W

Dr Tony Rapu isn’t actually the person in question, and has no involvement or knowledge of the case.


Yesterday it was reported that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Lagos Zonal office arraigned Olawunmi Dilureni before Justice S.O. Solebo of the Lagos State High Court, Ikeja on an eight-count charge of conspiracy, obtaining money by false pretence and stealing to the tune of N23,320,000.

The defendant alongside Lola Aremu Anjorin, Tunde Jamiu, Oluremi, Osobu and Home Concepts Limited (all at large) allegedly conspired to defraud a popular Lagos pastor, Dr. Tony Rapu, Nellie St. Matthew-Daniel and Eyitope St. Matthew-Daniel of the money.

However, Nigerian singer and actor, Banky W has taken to social media to state that Dr Tony Rapu has nothing to do with the news which has circulated all over social media and news outlets. He said,

”It’s kind of sad that in the world we live in.. bad news travels so much faster than good news. It’s even worse when the bad news turns out to be completely false.. but noone cares enough to confirm that something is true before rushing to share it. Because afterall, it’s more important to be one of the first, than it is to be correct, right? 
A story “broke” about an alleged case of fraud, identifying one of the victims as “Anthony Rapu”. And before you know it, multiple blogs/news outlets start peddling a version of it linking a respectable man of God, Dr Tony Rapu. Except none of them bothered to check the facts.. because if they did, they’d realize that he ISN’T actually the person in question, and has no involvement or knowledge of the case. Since y’all wanna talk about Dr Tony Rapu, how about sharing some of the good works he’s done like #myLagosDiaries, or the recent rescue of a young boy called Shanawole? How about sharing some good news? No? Or at least maybe just confirm the facts before you drag a good man’s name through the mud??? Nah. Confirming would have been too much work. It’s easier just to repost, right? Shoutout to all the bloggers and reporters who do an amazing job covering the news. Shoutout to the ones who take a moment to make sure they’re doing the right thing… and shoutout to those who just want to make sure they’re the fastest at copying-and-pasting. God bless you all.

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