BBNaija: Nina’s boyfriend urges her on few weeks after deleting her pictures from IG

Things appear to be back on track between Big Brother Naija housemate, Nina and her boyfriend who deleted all her pictures from his Instagram page for her actions in the house.

Nina was a major trend on social media few weeks ago after she gave an oral job to her former strategic partner, Miracle. The act was seen by most people on social media as a normal thing between lovers, while others felt they shouldn’t have done such while on live tv.

Nina who said multiple times on the show that she was originally in it for the money, has confessed that she is in love with her fellow housemate, Miracle.


Her boyfriend, Collins who had initially been supportive of her immediately deleted all traces of her from his Instagram page, changed his handle and put it on private. This gave many fans of the show an hint that he’s decided to move on since it appears Nina has found another man.

Reacting to reports of the break up, he said he is still very much in support of his girl and his action of deleting all her pictures from his Instagram  page was owing to the fact that blogs take her pictures from his page and tag them with unpleasant information and news.

A new post from him suggests that he’s still standing firm with her despite the viral video showing her giving another man oral job. He took to Instagram to encourage her. Read his post below.

”When the going gets tough, the tough gets going, you gotta roll with the punches…don’t be intimidated by nobody..keep it pushing, you can get past this situation and become stronger, confident and wiser”.

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