AIT Sacks 300 Staff Nationwide

Barely 24 hours after The Sun News paper laid off it’s staff including senior editorial members, the management of African Independent Television, AIT, has retrenched 300 staff, nationwide.

According to reports, the sack took place yesterday as directed by it’s owner, Raymond Dokpesi, as the disengagement letters was duly signed by him.

This action was prompted by the management of Daar Communication’s decision to reposition the staff, owing to pending salary debts accrued for a period of 5months to 13months



  1. PART 8 OF 10
    Reporter: “Mr. Akiotu, it is becoming painfully clear that you have no concept of the principal Fiduciary duties of A Board of Directors. Even though you have been the General Managing Director of DAAR Communications since May of 2009. Please look it up.
    I have been doing some calculations of the losses you have caused the shareholders and owners of DAAR based on you’re so called projects that we have talked about. This does not include you over seeing the 95.3% drop in share prices or your own salary and benefits.
    Total loss: N4,977,500,000.00 Naira
    Average per year: N633,187,500.00 Naira
    This is an incredible amount of money. God has no idea how you can throw money away like this and at the same time hold an expatriate who served DAAR well for 10 years hostage in Nigeria by not paying him the 19 million that has been due to him for the last 14 months. I am of course speaking of Engineer Dean Gay.
    You have had this man thrown in jail, tried to have him deported, and had him held at gunpoint by the NPF. What do you have in mind next for him? God is not happy with you.”

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