How a serving corps member was harassed and humiliated by SARS Official today (Photos)

Stephen Kobams, who is a Nigerian Youths Corps member today took his Instagram page shared how SARS officials stopped and humiliated him. According to him, the officers asked him to open his phone and when he refused, they labeled him a cultist.
Here is what Stephen shared…
“Exactly this month last year, i was harassed by police men in Maryland Lagos and @aleeygiwa saved me. I was harassed again today 4th of January 2018 by Sars officials in Yaba lagos. I was on my way to the island in a taxify ride and the Sars officials stopped the Car, the one that stopped the car was in uniform, then i saw hungry looking human beings telling me to come down and identify myself. I brought out my ID card and told them i’m a youth corper. They asked me for my phone and i told them it’s a private property. They started shouting and pushed me into the taxify and started shouting “ u are cultist” . They told my taxify driver to drive them to the station, while my trip was still on . The crazy part is they now work with taxify drivers, the taxify drivers started shouting at me that i should cooperate,that if i’m not a criminal i will open my phone. He was so involved more than the Sars officers. The Sars official in front told the driver to take me straight to the station, the taxify driver didn’t keep shut and was telling me “ oga cooperate with them”. I saw an army officer and i called out to him for help and i tried to open the car door. The officer sitting close to me dragged me and the one in front held my legs and threatened to beat me up. They took me to Surulere Police station close to ojuelegba.when i got down i realised the taxify car doesn’t even have a plate number. I entered inside the station and i saw the poster stating don’t allow police officers search ur phones. I saw a police man in uniform, a man old enough to be my grandpa. I ran to him thinking he will help me, the man told me “go upstairs” . I was taken to the anti robbery squad and they asked about my family. Told them my uncle is a lawyer and the only reason i will open my phone is if they allow me call him. And i kept mentioning Aliyu giwa and how he saved me the last time. They got scared and let me go, i was escorted outside so i couldn’t take pictures.

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