Swarm Of Bees Attacks Man Who Stole Reportedly Stole A Sound System (Photos)

A thief was nabbed in Masindi town Uganda after bees were reportedly sent to smoke him out. The unidentified man was stung by the insects which perched on is head and chest and forced him to confess.
According to reports, he marched on the streets in pain as he returned the stolen item to its owner.
The unidentified man was forced to return the stolen woofer after the bees attacked him with stings and making a home on his head, neck and almost half of his body.
The man can be seen carrying the woofer in one hand and trying in vain with the other to chase the insects as he marched in the streets without a shirt while returning the stolen items to the owner in the little Ugandan town.
People were also looking at the man in the middle of all this, however, they couldn’t help the situation.

A Facebook user Basudde Sam posted on his page and reportedly wrote…

“A guy stole woofers in Masindi town and these bees were sent to arrest him. Someone direct me to the Musawo please,” 


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