It appears Adesua Etomi’s ex lover, Remi Kunle is jealous | shares photo of someone else’s baby (Details)

Kunle Remi, now a father? Well, friends, colleagues and fans all went ahead and sent congratulatory messages.

Kunle Remi has been under scrutiny lately, after it was alleged that
he and Adesua Etomi had a romantic relationship, with more eyes on him
after the epic engagement in May, when Adesua and Banky announced their
When everyone saw the post, they were surprised.

He posted the photo of a newborn baby on his Instagram page with the simple caption: ”God’s blessings”.

Screenshot of Kunle’s post

Kunle who took to his Instagram a day after Adesua’s lavish wedding in Capetown, South Africa, wrote:

Those that matter to you, know your story.
Those that don’t matter don’t matter, you owe non any explanation.
Only YOU can make YOU happy… your inner peace is most important.
Complete yourself in God and every other thing will fall in place.”
Kunle Remi and Adesua when the going was good
This was quickly concluded to be Kunle’s final farewell message to Adesua.

He has not sent any congratulatory message to Adesua from the time
when her proposal was announced to when all the wedding ceremonies were

According to many of their colleagues, Kunle Remi who was dumped by
Adesua for Banky Wellington, was obviously playing games with her then.
He never intended marrying her.

When Banky W came about with a hand of friendship, she opted for him.

Back to Kunle Remi, it has been revealed that the baby he displayed on his handle is not his.

“The baby was born to a close family friend of his and he must have
shared the photo to get attention. He is just acting out of sheer
jealousy. Adesua and Banky W are the cynosure of eyes currently and that
must have irked him. Why didn’t he marry Adesua when she was throwing
herself at him?
He does not have a baby yet,” the source said.

Source: Kemi Ashefon


  1. Eya and they were so good in Falling. Never knew they were an item(if you Want to keep a secret you can even as a celebrity in Nigeria)…o jo mi ara…kai.
    Hope he finds someone he will fall crazily for and not waste time.Time wasters you can see for yourselves eg…Bassett Ekpeyong….pick one before it's too late and you start regretting or even find it hard especially in your industry.

  2. I think there's nothing wrong in that. Displaying the baby picture of a close relative on his SM page is not a sin and I don't think he did it because he's jealous. People should stop making up false assumptions Jor.

  3. People do like to flog unnecessary issues. He didn’t sent her a congratulatory message did you say. Why should he post it for the world to see.and since when did we start congratulating an ex? Can we stop been hypocritical. And he puts up a baby’s picture that is not his but a close friend and said blessings….so? oh please spare me

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