KFB Movie Review: By all means, avoid watching ‘Mentally’

For the Newbies, the KFB movie review is an every Friday column that gives you a cinema guide on which movies to watch and not watch!

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We brought you two reviews because we missed that of last week!

Synopsis: Akin,
who despite his mother’s warnings, decides to relocate to Lagos where
his only contact Emeks (a former school mate) promised him enormous
opportunities through which he can have a better source of livelihood.

Starring: Toyin Aimakhu, Adekunle Gold, Frank Donga, Woli Arole.

Warning! ‘Mentally’ is not safe
for mass consumption. An innovation in rubbish; ‘Mentally’ is most
definitely the worst movie we’ve seen in what seems like forever.

Desperately not recommended. You’ve been warned!

See trailer and get more details below:



  1. I think toyin aimakhu should get a grip on herself and the movie projects she hops on to. Nollywood should quit the waste of money. Settle for great scripts. What are our English graduates doing sef?

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