Awww! Facebook user shares touching tribute to his late mother (Photos)

A Nigerian man identified as Unaegbu-Winners Chukwuebuka took to social media to share a touching tribute to his late mom. According to him, it’s been 7 years since he lost his mother. Her last word to him was an emotional one.
See what he posted on Facebook below…
Hi mom, how are you doing? have missed you a lot. How’s afterlife? Hope it ain’t like Nigeria cos we now have pythons dancing in the open, imagine!. ? ? mom do you realize is been 7years now ?, 7 damn years without you been there. Mom many things happened in your absence, hmmm! you didn’t wait to see my beards ? and watch me graduate from higher institution ?.
I know it wasn’t your wish to be where you are now, they thought your absence will jeopardize us forever, No! It made us stronger, bolder, wiser, fitter, more courageous and fearless. I missed you chastising the stubborn me then, our little gossip about dad, your sonorous voice.
If there were a million ways, I’ll surely fight get you back a million times.dat morning we set out by 5am, got to ojota park all drenched with that early morning downpour, dis efforts were just for you to convene me down to my jamb venue at Ogun state (thats my best moment with you). Wen you called me in and told me this words ‘take care of your siblings, don’t allow motherf**ker come in btw u guys’ never knew that could be the last word on earth from you to me, worry not cos I’ll protect them with my last pint of blood, won’t act like Psquare ? really missed the stories about your adventures you do spill out to me, missed your advice ?, your meals ?, your writings, your prayers for us ( though I didnt replicate that).
Mom have been in and outta relationships, with d pain and stress it brings coupled with the heartbreaks which felt like spasm, i know if you have been there you wont let them have my heart temporary. moments I felt depressed, lonely, watching pals bin asked my their mom; hw are you? Did u eat last night? Are u running deficit?. All d same am glad that I got to knw u for 14 years of my life(eshe gan), they are kids out there who never knew theirs ?. Thank you for evrytin, I’ll join you one day n read this to ur hearing.. I ??YA


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