Pasuma Alabi wishes for a God-fearing wife as he clocks 49

ladies who don’t have “the fear of the Lord, educated and homely” should not
read this.
That is who Fuji exponent, Odetola Wasiu Alabi aka Pasuma, wishes for as he
clocks 49 years old today November 27, 2016.
at 49? He responded in an interview:”I am not single. I have children out of
wedlock. I am married to my children and I am happy with them. That does not
erase the fact that I may decide to get married tomorrow.”
who once dated actress, Ronke Odusanya but dumped her, described his kind of
said, “I want a woman who has the fear of the Lord. She has to be educated and
homely. If I find a woman who has all these qualities and a few extras, you
would be the first to know.”
why he dates Nollywood Yoruba actresses and he said, “They are all my friends
and we are in the same industry. That makes it easy for us to understand each
Will he end up marrying an actress?
Pasuma who admitted to not drinking, smoking or womanizing replied,
I can’t tell. When the time comes,
I will know and you will know.”


  1. God will punish you thunder will strike you. What are you going to be using yo have sex with her (didlo) it will never be alright for you stupid man. Oh I understand you just want to give her some money and you will make her stay in your house for few days and later say he did not work out. We know you don't have penis anymore so stop the stupid search fool.

  2. I had a dream about Wasiu Alabi Pasuma today, in my dream Pasuma took me to a quiet place and removed his underwear and put his penis in my hand, I wanted to cry because pasuma's penis is smaller than a new born baby's penis and he his completely impotent. I asked him how long he has been impotent he said since he was a kid. I felt bad for him and I told him I could not help him, and his condition should not be the reason he his holding me as hostage, abusing me. He need to release me and stop abusing me, I am not God that created his penis and I am not his mother that did not do the necessary things to make him to be potent. I did questioned him about his children and he said some of them were born through Ivf by somebody else's sperm and some are from another Father but he accepted them to be his because of his condition. I don't know what to do to convince this man to let be free he his choking me with his problem he had killed many people because of his penis.

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