“I can’t and I don’t have the time” Desmond Elliot tells why he doesn’t cook for his wife in five sentences…

Unlike veteran actor, Zack Orji who cooks and washes plates for his wife, top actor, director and politician, Desmond Elliot has revealed he doesn’t cook or his wife.Desmond Elliot who has been married to Victoria Elliot for 13 years with four children told Punch in a recent interview

I don’t cook for my wife, I am sorry. I wish I could. I cannot cook and I
also do not have the time. I try my best. No, it is not that I cannot
cook for my wife but I cannot cook.”
My wife is a Calabar woman and
she is very skillful in that area. So what I do is that once in a while,
I go to the kitchen and boil water. I try my best but for the kids,
they need my attention, so I try very hard to give it to them.”


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