KFB Churchy & Fly: 25 Style inspiration from Debola, Bubble Gum and other KFBers (Volume 20)

the newbies, KFB Churchy and Fly is our fashion column, where we bring
you all the dose of inspiration you need to stun for JESUS on Sundays.

You can keep up with the other volumes you have  missed (HERE).

Today we are all about the amazing KFB family.

We have just about 25 photos because not many KFBers responded nor sent in photos. …we hope it gets better as time goes on. To the beautiful readers who sent in their photos and that of their friends, we say thankyou…much love!


Oh by the way, don’t forget to follow us on instagram @churchyandfly or tag us #churchyandflyCheers!

Join us again next week for another edition/trend…whoop! 



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