Is anything wrong with a mother kissing her daughter like this on her wedding day?

So, earlier today,  this photo of a mother and daughter kissing was posted on Instagram by @tosweddings and it has since generated some reactions. 

Some think it is insane while some think it is a sort of bonding.

Read some of the reactions below and tell us what you think too.

Kfbers, what do you think?


  1. Haso anyone seen a white woman kiss her daughter on this manner, even them that kissing is their culture. A mother hugs her daughter in Africa. In this world if queer behaviour this sets one thinking. No no, it is very wrong, no matter what anyone would say

    1. If they are comfortable with this in public it leads me to believe they must have had sex hundreds of times in the privacy of their home and will continue to do so after the marriage. The girl's husband is just a figurehead — Mother and daughter will continue to pleasure themselves.

      It is also possible the groom knows this; he may be a willing participant in a never ending three..some. Talk about living the dream!

    1. if civilization means foolishness then I want to be uncivilized……only God knows if everybody would mind their business if it involves father and daughter

  2. For me, it's a NO! That's tongue I'm looking at. Ha, well… everyone with their opinions but it's a big NO for me. I peck my mum, our lips have met a number of times but for like a split second but tongue fa?! Ba'n seni ba…

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