Seyi Edun is a very popular
actress in the Yoruba movie industry. She is also a producer too. She
has produced a few movies, one of which is Eja Nla which shot her to
limelight. Lately, Seyi whose popular alias is SHAI, has been at the
centre of a big controversy on social media. She was accused of dating
fellow actor, Niyi Johnson, the estranged husband of popular actress
Toyin Aimakhu.

A few weeks back, she was even accused of being pregnant
for him. The general story in town is that it is Toyin who is behind all
these controversies. As the story goes, Toyin does not like Shai and
she was who got her friends in the social media to attack Shai. For the
very first time, Shai has come out to explain what led to the
controversy. Last week she spoke to City People Publisher, SEYE KEHINDE
about her career and the allegation that she snatched Niyi from Toyin.
It is very interesting.

Why did you break the marriage of Toyin Aimakhu and Niyi Johnson?
I didn’t break their marriage. It has nothing to do with me, absolutely
nothing. We are all movie people. Niyi is my friend. He has always been
my friend.
So how did the story break that you are dating Niyi?
I really don’t know. I am not dating Niyi and I am not pregnant for Niyi
like one blog posted. I laughed about it when the story broke. I was on
a movie set that day when I heard the news that someone wrote that I am
pregnant for Niyi Johnson and that I was sent out of my home. It is the
figment of somebodys imagination. They got the story muddled up. I
don’t stay in Lekki like the story indicated. And I am not pregnant for
Niyi. Niyi and I are friends. There is no special relationship. We are
just good friends. I was not sent out of any home. I still stay in my
So how did all these stories start? There can’t be smoke without fire?
I think what led to the story was my trip to Dubai. The whole thing
started when me travelled to Dubai for a movie shoot in May this year.
We were about 6 who went, that travelled. Bidemi Kosoko was with us,
Tawa Ajisefini, Kayode Wright and his wife, then Niyi and I. And we were
together in the same apartment. All of us were together in the same
apartment I think that was where they got the news from. Maybe from
pictures from INSTAGRAM and all. There was a particular picture I posted
on Instagram where Niyi was proposing to me. We wanted people’s
comments and opinions on a woman proposing to a man. Is it a right
thing. Is it done? Should it be encouraged. Is it part of our culture?
We were seeking people opinion about it and that was what brought about
the picture. So, I was so surprised when one blog copied it and posted
it and removed my caption and added their own and they started writing
what they wanted to write. It is unfortunate. These are the people who
follow you on Instagram and they would not even send you a message to
ask you few questions about what they want to write. They just go to
their blogs and start writing shit about you. That was where the whole
thing started. After that I debunked the story. It was online. I was the
one that posted the picture of Niyi and I on Instagram and there was a
caption on it that we were on a movie set. And they removed the caption
and the picture went virile. It is still on my Instagram page.
Some people say maybe Toyin Aimakhu is the one behind it. Do you agree?
I don’t know. I can’t say she is the one behind it. I think one blog
published something about Niyi, that he has a child outside or whether
he had a child before meeting Toyin, something like that. That does not
concern me. I am not part of that. I don’t know what happened between
Did you discuss this issue with Niyi?
Yes. When one of the blogs broke the news it was Niyi that told me that
they wrote something about us. He sent me the link. I was just laughing
at these bloggers and their way of looking for traffic to their site. I
didn’t really feel bad about it because all that they are saying is not
true, so I am not bothered.
Before now Shai has never been one person who is always involved in controversy. Why have you changed?
Yes oo. I don’t know ooo. I think controversy is good and it is bad. One
way or the other this particular controversy has helped my new movie
DARA to sell more. It is my latest movie. It was released at that period
of the controversy I think Niyi posted something about my movie on his
page. I think that was what really fuelled that controversy the more.
Is he in the movie?
Noo. He is not in the movie. He just helped me to post something about
the movie. The movie was released a week after we arrived from Dubai. He
posted something about the movie that people should go and buy DARA and
watch I think that further fuelled the controversy that haa see Niyi
ooo. He is helping Shai publicise her movie. But initially it was our
Dubai trip that started it. All through our trip we were taking pictures
together. Its just that on my own Instagram page I decided to post
whatever I have on my page. Is that a crime? I thing there is somebody
somewhere fuelling all these things.
Are you sure there is nothing between you and Niyi?
I am serious there is nothing. We’ve been friends for years. Those who
know us know that Niyi and I are not dating. We are just friend.
Could it be because many people don’t know who Shai is dating?
Maybe. I have been keeping my relationship off the media right from the
on set. I have always said I am not going to reveal my man on the pages
of the paper because I don’t want them to ruin our relationship for me.
He is not always in the picture at all. And I don’t keep close friends
that will say this is my man. It is only few people around me that knows
him. I think because they have not been seeing me with anyone in the
industry. Maybe that is why they are speculating that these 2 people
might be dating. The furniest thing is that Niyi knows who I am dating.
Niyi knows my man. He knows my boyfriend.
Who is he? Tell us?
Noo I don’t want to talk about him. He does not want to be in the news. He does not like media at all.
How have been able to handle whole controversy?
Like I said I am not bothered ooo. The controversy has helped my movie. I
am happy because I know everthing is not true. Its all a lie. And those
in the industry too know its a lie. So, I am cool with it. Somebody is
behind the whole thing. Maybe it is Niyi they want to deal with. Niyi.
He is controversial. Like I said controversy is good. Controversy has
been helping us sell movies. Controversies has its negative and positive
sides. Its good to be on the positive side. Once in a while we
actresses become controversial I have been prepared for it. I think I am
growing up. Its all part of growing up. I have developed a thick skin.