Hon Patrick Obahiagbon shows us how to wish one’s self a happy birthday with jaw breaking grammar

Patrick-Obahiagbon (1)

Walking dictionary, Hon. Patrick
Obahiagbon is wishing himself a happy birthday in a special grammatical
way. He took to his Facebook page and set the whole
internet space on fire with his post. below:

I thank the inscrutable great Geometrician of the
universe for allowing of the sun to announce a new day and thus making
me a year older this natal day.

Who be me and who I be if not for Baba,the great Architect of the universe?

Baba,me your forever small “pickin”,stretch out my two
hands to the East, from whence commeth the greater light and I say
Gloria In Excelsis Deo and I say Deo Gratias and I say Deo Confidimus
and I say Deo Optimo Maximo and I say Deus Caritas Est and I say Deus
Lux Mea Est and I say Deus Spes Nostra…..Service,Humility,Love and
Compassion shall be mine all my life Deo Volente….


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