Girl narrates how a woman brought her maid to the salon to fan her for 2 hours.

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This act of slavery was witnessed by Francesca Joseph-Esenwa and she shared it on her Facebook page. She gave an account of her experience thus:
“I witnessed this modern day slavery today at a nail salon. This woman who arrived in a jeep came with this girl who looked rather unkempt and had her fan her for over 2 hours.
I watched helplessly and prayed for life to be able to add value for my children. If she can use her as a mobile fan for over 2 hours in public you can then imagine what she uses her for behind closed doors. No help for this children as we watch them being abused. No school. Still hurt by this. Sad.”



  1. The question that always come to my mind each time maid matters are raised is " Are these set of people not human beings? Are they created by a God different from the one who created us? Are they not born the way we are born? Are they not conceived the way we are conceived?
    Why now is all these differences in their treatment?
    As far as I'm concerned, I don't even like using the name maid, they have their names ke, abi? Some people even go to the extent of not addressing them by their names, that is very bad.
    The woman is born wicked and even exhibited her wickedness in the public, in her mind shes showing off.
    Anyone who doesn't treat their maids with respect is inviting the wrath of God their creator on themselves.
    And above all, whatever she sow is what she is going to reap, but the unfortunate part is that her kids also reap part of these things. So she needs to be careful.
    May God help us all.

  2. I'm so irritated, who even married and got this heartless lady pregnant?? In her mind she's on top of her game, using a human Being like an animal, even an animal doesn't deserve this treatment, that poor young girl standing for 2hrs God will change her story, turn it around for good, He will bless her so well that one day that that pregnant lady would be the one begging for her help, God works in mysterious ways, no condition is permanent, the young shall grow! I pray God forgives her for this inhumane act…

  3. This can only happen in Africa where labour is very cheap due to the increasing poverty level witnessed on a daily basis.the blame is deep rooted,the parents of the are the first to be blamed for releasing their daugther to a stranger in the name of maid,in some instances,her allowances are even sent home to her parents while she works her ass out,on the other hand,the woman is just being wicked and lack humanityfor her to exhibit her inhumane behaviour in public.It's only here in Africa that having a "maid" is luxury.In developed countries being a nanny or house keeper is a profession and they are being paid well enough and have terms of contract.To the woman I hope u know "KARMA" will visit u soon.

  4. There's nothing wrong there I useto fan my daddy and mummy, when I was younger then in nigeria! As long as the faner can take a rest in between the time!

  5. @annonymous 18:08,everything is wrong with it,did your parent take u out to a public place for u to fan them? Did you had to stand for 2 hours all in the name of fanning your parents?what is bad is bad and should be condemned!

  6. This is highly ridiculous,yu bring a child(maid) to fan yu for 2hours straight and yure a woman. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't have kids of her own but in the actual sense of it she might have kids and treat them like kings and Queens but just bcause yu pay a token Evry month as salary doesn't mean the maid shld be maltreated… she should remember the law of karma in whatever she does, I feel so sorry for the girl

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