Daniel Adenimokan opens up on marriage & female friends

Every Monday on i2radio in Atlanta, USA , star actress Stella Damasus
hosts the show ‘Undiluted with Stella Damasus’- Hard talk. No barriers.
No limitations. This Monday, the theme was “should a married man/woman
allow their spouse have the a best friend of the opposite sex?”
One of
her guests on the show was Daniel Ademinokan, her hubby :).
On her views on a married man/woman allowing
their spouse have the a best friend of the opposite sex, Stella
said,“For a married woman or man, I do not subscribe to having a best
friend of the opposite sex.”

On his take about the subject, Daniel Ademinokan said
“Before I got
married I had many female friends. One of them I fell in love with
because we were just so fond of ourselves but she didn’t feel the same
way for me. From that experience I was smart enough to know that it may
not be safe and sane to discuss issues that will stir up
emotions.Usually best friends don’t set boundaries. I personally as a
guy would not advice to have a best friend that is female or vice versa.

Stay safe, the Bible says flee from all appearances of evil.Is it
possible that a man can be married and his wife is not his best friend?

“If your wife is not your best friend as a man, you have a
problem.Try the best you can to make your wife your best friend.If you
feel your wife doesn’t understand you, look for a guy. Not a female
because emotions may stir up. I’m not saying you can’t have a female
friend but there should be boundaries.Your character is like smoke,
somehow it will find its way out.When there are issues don’t wait for
someone else to console your spouse.I will not condone my wife having a
male best friend and I myself will NOT have a female best friend.”



    1. Can't you read? The female friend he fell in love with did NOT feel the same way about him. He is definitely not referring to Stella.

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