LOL! Toke Makinwa tells us how to spot a stingy guy

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Media personality Toke Makinwa via her weekly Vlog has just given us pointers for identifying a stingy guy.

Some of the things she said:
He might be rich but “Is that money in circulation?” she asks.
“A stingy man is not the way forward, a stingy man is bad for business….some guys are so stingy that if you want to collect money from them, it’s like squeezing a rock to bring out water… guys, if you are not ready to spend on her then vamoose…a proper gentle doesn’t let a lady ask him for stuffs cos he knows she needs ’em…when a lady is scratching her hair, it’s a sign for him to know that she needs to change her hair…Ladies if a man is not giving you money, close your LEGS!”
How to spot them:
1. If he is talking about money everyday but not spending it, run away
2. If you have to speak too much grammar before he drops the money, then he is stingy e.g you say, I’m tired, i need to go on vacation, a good guy says where would you like to go, let’s go to Ghana or travel to so so so but a stingy guy will say ‘ehya pele, it would get better…it’s ok, don’t be tired dear”
3. If he keeps saying I will sort you out tomorrow…don’t worry tomorrow…let’s talk about it tomorrow…..
4. If he doesn’t take care of his mama or immediate family members, then flee!
You can watch the video HERE


  1. Is this woman for real?? cos like seriously, when a guy is in a relationship with a lady, it doesn't mean he's an ATM to her, why can't gurls be honest? you find some ladies.makin excessive demands. I personally will flee from any lady who is only interestin in my lil money!

  2. I guess, she is encouraging prostitution, relationship should be about money moreover a woman wih her own money earn more respect from her man. Women earn ur own money and your man will respect you. Toke is talking shit. That is gold digging bitch.

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  4. Toke, so what happens to a man that doesn`t have enough since your theory is based on the guy giving. I guess guys like that are not qualified to be in a relationship according to your theory. Y must it be the guy alone, is it a taboo for the woman to give too? absolute rubish

  5. @anon 07:51 u guys don't mind dis guy oo wot he is talkin abt dose nt work oooo ole oshi barawo 419,u better don fall in his trap ooooooo mtscheeeeww

  6. This girl is so full of shit. Talk about preaching what you dont do.

    First was her secret marriage. Second is the fact that we all know Maje dont spend jack on her.

    Why do Nigerians follow this attention seeking skinny manequin looking person called Toke?

  7. Always misleading people. This manequin looking piece of shit is so cruel.

    Why is Toke always telling her followers to do what she cannot do? Its unfair and bloggers should stop encouraging her idiotic vlogs.

    Maje has her remote control. Out of pity, he married her secretly. Then again he freed her to do what she wants. Is that not an indication he cant be bothered?

    Yet, she has d nerve to spew rubbish and mislead other girls. Well, listen to her at your own risk

  8. Mehn dis chick,and y is it only d guys commenting on dis? She z nowhere encouraging prostutuon ooh,u guys shuld listen well.b4 saying shits plz,she z just advcing girls on a relationship wit a stingy guy,its really good 4 a guy 2 know his resposibilities okay? A guy who waits 4a woman 2 gv him money z a disgrace 2 manhood,ladies plz say no 2 guys who can't spend shishi on but yet demands 4 sex all d time,his not jus d right guy 4u,yepeeeeee!

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