Billonnaire Razak Okoya marries wifey, Sade in grand style + photos of their SUPERLATIVE home

Billonnaire businessman, Alhaji Rasaq Akanni Okoya has officially tied the knot with his youngest wife, socialite and mother of his 4 kids, delectable Sade Thomas Okoya in a fairytale wedding.
Okoya is also the Chairman of Eleganza Empire and the Aare of Lagos.

The couple actually got married in a quiet ceremony few years ago, but they decided to have a grand and societal wedding a few days ago.

Lagos Governor, Fashola Raji Fashola and his predecessor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu were also in attendance.

See more photos and superlative home of the Okoya’s paved in Gold below:



  1. The main reason this girl got married to okoya thomas is because of his property not love.What will attract a 25 yrs old lady to an 80 something years old man?If the man is a carpenter would she even greet him?

    1. itk amebo and what difference does the age you just quoted made. fact remains if baba okoya was a carpenter their wont be any marriage gba be…mscheeeewww mr know it all

    2. Okoya and Okoya-Thomas are too different people. Sunday you are right. She was in her 20s when she was doing runs with him.

  2. Kemi pls correct ur sef he is not thomas okoya he is just okoya rasaki…..thomas is a another okoya…..thank me leta

    1. she was Sade adeleye.
      people just ramble and misyarn. Okoya-Thomas is a compound name belonging to a completely different aristocrat. the okoyas and the Okoya-Thomas may be distantly related, or share same ancestors but for now, the are two independent 'entities'.

  3. Lucky sade. Back then when she married him, so many peeps tot they won't last this long but behold they r stil togeda. Shame on the bad belles.

  4. @1751 ode! If she married him for money, would they stil b togeda today? You all jes assume things. This is real love, get used to it.

  5. Gawd give me a man like this too. What runz things do I nid to do to get this kind of man. Sade show me the way.

    1. i laugh in chinese real love you say abi….if money was not involved you can forget that side FACT real love kor money love ni

  6. It's like this is what is reigning today. Caroline Ekanem married Danjuma, bianca n ojukwu n that osogbo model that married one honourable like that. Young ladies marrying ugly men old enough to be their dads for money.

    1. People must talk sha.

      which of you here can swear with your lives that Shade does not truly love this man. Only God knows what's really in our hearts. Which of you here will not marry Dangote or allow your sister or even daughter marry him if given the choice? it's easy for you yo talk because you have never been in that situation.

      One thing I know for sure is this, Shade must be doing something right for the man to be showing her this much love. if you guys noticed it, he keeps promoting Shade little by little. Meaning that his decisions are well calculated. I have a friend who ended up just like Shade. A third wife to a silent multi billionaire. Only that she didn't start as a call girl. I used to criticize her but one day she opened up to me and told me the whole story. Now I am very happy for her. Even if she married for money so be it. Many women married for love yet they cry themselves to sleep almost every night. Abeg make I face my own work jare.

      So Shade Okoya and all babes like her, ride on jare. Provided you are not using diabolical means, Nothing do una.

    2. you sound familiar as you use nairalan and 3rd wife for what I hope you are not a third wife yourself cos the way you are encouraging nonsense is alarming

    3. from the wifes face u can write a book about her love for mans money not the man when a group is sharing one man as husband? imao

  7. OMG that gold mansion be killing me here. Kemi can you share their love story pls. I would really love to know how they met

  8. Rich people do not marry for love.

    I mean seriously rich moneybags, not the people with small change here and there aka middle class or upper lower class.

    When you have a certain level of money, its not love that dictates your choice of partners. If someone catches your fancy, most times you bang them and go, if the juju strong pass maybe they might become a part time mistress and get some material goods as well eg house, car, overseas trips.

    If a rich man IN HIS RIGHT SENSES decides to marry you, its because there are other considerations besides love, forget the fairy tales.

  9. it sade time o pls ride on but u should b careful cos rich men usuall do juju alot be enjoy o nothing do u oooo

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