#VideoOfTheWeek! 2face Idibia gets shot dead in his emotional music video – Rainbow Remix ft Tpain

Last year, 2face Idibia released the ‘Rainbow” video where he honoured his wife, Annie
Idibia – by sharing his favourite moments of both
traditional ceremony in Akwa Ibom, and the white wedding in Dubai.!
Well, the music star has premièred the video of his duet with T-Pain – the remix of ‘Rainbow’ and it’s way more emotional that the original Rainbow video.
The 4-minute plus video – directed by US based Bla G tells a sad love story of the
Pop star and a lover who can’t be with each other anymore.
In the early part of the
video, 2face and his lover are seen in a scene not looking and talking
to each other. When 2face tries to reach out to her, she ignores him.
Rainbow Video - Missing her man

Missing her man – 2face’s lover stares out through the window, hoping to see her man return

It’s not until the 2:41 mark we get
what’s going on: 2face hurriedly drags his ‘wife’ into a room and tells
her to stay put. He then leaves and all we hear are 3 gunshots. 2face is believed to have died.


In Pain: 2face and his lover cannot be together anymore
So going back to the early part of the
video, it all makes sense: 2face is a ghost in the house who lingers
around as he still misses his lover. Oh by the way, the ‘lover’ in the video strikes a resemblance with Annie Idibia, 2face’s wife.
I give the video a thumbs up! You can watch HERE


  1. You are been one sided in your review babe. Dry!

    It's a weak video!

    Lame lyrics from 2face.

    And the beat of the song sucks.

    T-pain tried though

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