New photo(s) Mercy Aigbe and her hubby, Gentry at Toyin Aimakhu’s wedding

This morning I was scrolling through her page and I realized that she didn’t have any of her husband’s photos.
As if she knew I was going to raise the issue, the beautiful actress, Mercy Aigbe, shared a photo of her and husband some minutes ago, they look so happy together! You’ve met her kids (HERE), now meet her husband if you haven’t! She calls him the love of her life, aww, so sweet! The photo was taken at Toyin Aimakhu’s wedding…
See two more photos below:

Mercy and Desmond Elliot

Mercy’s outfit for the day, you like?

Oh by the way, who has noticed that Funke Akindele aka Jenifa rarely talks about her hubby, she hasn’t even shared any photo of them, yet she shares photos of herself and that of friends #JustAsking #Okbye



    1. He is not the father of her daughter, the girl is from her first marriage. They have quite a resemblance though

  1. What do you expect. The marriage between funke and her so called man was arranged, it wasn't real. Funke married him cos she needed a man to boost her career and cos she was growing old. Oloyede too didn't marry her for nothing, he wanted to b associated with a famous woman and he got it; the fame his first wife could not give him was gotten from Funke and unlike his first wife, funke is not a liability but an asset. They have not seen for months now and funke rarely has time for her home. So don't expect her to flaunt her marriage like the others

  2. Mercy aigbe is actually a beautiful actress on and off screen. Her Osas movie made me love her the more

  3. Funke Akindele might be doing that to keep her marriage private. Not all celebs want their marriages discussed on blogs

  4. I noticed it too kemi, if I didn't know she was married, I would have thought she's still single. She should at least share a photo of him to shut you up

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