Nigerians blast El Rufai Over “My Daughters Are Unemployed Speech”

Former Federal Capital Territory minister, Mallam Nasir el-Rufai, on
Thursday bemoaned the spate of unemployment in the country, saying
despite his connections, he had yet to secure jobs for his two
daughters, who are both holders of Masters Degrees.
“Forty-two per cent of Nigerian youths are unemployed. I have two
daughters with Masters Degrees and they are unemployed. They have been
at home for more than a year and I cannot get a job for them.” he said.
Apparently, the speech did not go down well with some if not all Nigerians, yeah I read through all the hate comments on the major sites that published the post. Here are some of the reactions via comments on blogs/sites to the issue…let’s see if you agree with them…
Chuks Samuel: Your daughters should send their CV’s to Nigerian Airways,Ajaokuta steel
Co., Delta Steel, Aluminium Smelting Co. Ikot-Abasi, just to mention a
few of the numerous job opportunities your privatisation effort
created.Whither leadership, a la Nigerian style.
Anebira: Typical silver spoon daughters
who were obviously forced by their parents to go to school and get
degrees. Now they sit at home, are fed and sheltered in luxurious homes,
stay on Facebook 24/7, while their wealthy father looks for jobs for
them. Mallam El-Rufai, that you are looking for jobs for your daughters
just shows how elistist you are and how spoilt your daughters are. Most
average Nigerian youths look for jobs themselves, carry around their
CVs, or even try self-employment.

If your daughters are unemployed, then they have become – like other
youths their age – hapless victims of the weak system which you helped
to create. Other parents I know wouldn’t say “I can’t find jobs for my
daughters”. Rather, to demonstrate their children’s independence, they
would say “My daughters have not found jobs yet”.
Paulo:  Mallam, I have always respected you but you failed this time. Was it
your mum/dad who found you a job as FCT minister and PIB? How can you
say you can’t find job for your daughters with masters degree? So all of
you are the same, always ensuring job for relatives. They need to study
more because PHD holders drives lorries and trailers with Dangote
company. My advise is that they should further their education on
demolition or privatization or give them out for marriage or sell some
of the lands you acquired in Abuja to start up demolition business for
them simple. Please stop wasting peoples time with these your rubbish
message because I have deducted who you are throwing the punch at about
unemployment and that is for Jonathan government. How many jobs did you
create when you were FCT minister? Instead you paid employees with US
dollars meaning our naira is rubbish. So how do you intend to find job
for your daughters?

Linda Ikeji’s blog:
Okoye: This man always seek public attention,let him start an entrepreneurship
firm for them with his stolen wealth or are they seeking for a job that
will fit their father’s status?
Anonymouw: He can’t find jobs for his daughters or he can’t find jobs in the
“juicest” of offices for them as he is no longer in the corridors of
powers? Take a chill pill sir, twitter warrior!
Anony: shut up el rufai! Pathetic politicians wo wil criticise the presnt govt
at any given opportunity. If dia r no jobs for ur dotas notin stops dem
frm venturin into biz. The nigerian mentality is go to skul n get a job
wch is killin our youths. Its high tym we learnt hw to generate money
instead of waitin for the govt’s monthly chicken change called salary.
Linda ikeji is self employed n is a millionaire!!!
Hadiza: Mallam maybe instead of waiting for jobs, your two daughters should get
up and create jobs. With your connections, wealth and their level f
exposure they have no business waiting for employment, they should be
employers of labour!
Onyaye: You trained them wrongly what are they still doing in your house most
you be the one to get them job let them seach like every other nigeria
Ishaq: Who cares about what your daughters don’t have,you people killed
nigeria,you did nothing @ your time but join the “have my share of the
cake too” moreover your daughters I know want their own share of the
cake too,they can’t settle for a low income as any other starter would.
So all na #wash!

Ladun’s blog:

imagine, just for a year? i have a brother that has been unemployed for 5yrs .

Okoye 24 May, 2013 11:41

him pay them allowances in dollars as he did when he was FCT minister
to NYSC members he has as personal staff,he was dozing out money because
it was not coming out from his pocket.Sins of the father have visited
his children.
I’ll go with trying to play on our intelligence… Who is he fooling… Smh…He
should have just said they don’t want to work or the ones he got them
didn’t match their standard! that’ll have been more easy to swallow….
Lol… 🙂
Dey r unemployed but not broke or poor
me tell el Rufai that unemployment
 get grade. His daughters have a
better standard of living than many suit and tie wearing people working
on the island. Unemployed ppl struggle to eat, enter molue, buy N100
recharge cards on their not-smart phones, washed the clothes they wore
today last night. I could go on. In which of these categories does his
daughters fall into.
Mega Mega: El rufai should go and sit on a long thing. That man is one fellow
Nigerians should never believe. He is a green snake in a green grass.
Never trust him! His daughters are ‘searching’ for jobs! Big lie!!!
Abacus: What you all failed to understand is, the 2 daughters will not go hungry
as well they will not eat from dustbin. They have secured future. What
will be the fate of those without rich parents? This is what the man is
trying to talk about. You all leave the message murdering the
messenger.. Nawa to you all. Lemme share this with you.. someone
sent this to me this morning “Do you have any programmer/web admin that
is job hunting? There is vacancy but salary is 40k”.. I thought he said
“400k”.. Already started calling my friends to send me their cvs.. and
to look again.. the only response I have is “LOL”. In as much I know
people job hunting, I CAN never send them this offer because it’s ..
don’t have the right word yet. RIDICULOUS!Mallam El-Rufai ride on.. we need people like you to tell them the truth.God bless El-Rufai and his household. God bless me too.

Babybos: When Elrufai was a minister/governor of FCT,how many jobs did he
created, what you can not do, stop blaming others. The press need to
blackout most politician who are irrelevant and useless…
 Lol, so here’s Kemi Filani’s question….was he wrong to have stated that his daughters’ are employed?!


  1. He shouldnt have really, it's like he was trying to pass the message to GEJ so that they could automatically employ the ladies, makes them special aides or something

  2. whoa, kemi you get tyme o, loooooool, i see nothing wrong with the speech, he is trying to emhazise that he didn't cut corners to get jobs for his daughters after all he could easily have

  3. There's nothing wrong in speaking about unemployment but he should not hv used his daughters as an example. Are his daughters ready to do a job frm 8 to 5 workdays & get 400/500k per month (which most Nigerians 'll jump at)? Will they obey workplace rules and respect a boss who is far poorer than their father? My prediction is they won't. And trust me, her daughters are not worried about unemployment. These daughters even enjoy more than people who are fully employed.

  4. You guys should free the man please. He was trying to pass a message about the problems youths are facing. Unfortunately for him, due to his status, he chose the wrong example. We need to use this social media power for more important things rather than this and "My Oga….."

  5. Seriously and critically analysed this–Mallam could be right if he created employement with his stolen funds and he could be most wrong if all he did was to harness wealth without thinking of the masses……the truth is his daughters are richer than MOST of these so called "employers"……………

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