Question Of The Day: Where is Stella Obasanjo’s son?

That’s true oh, where is Muyiwa Obasanjo? Nobody knew about the dude until his mother, stella obasanjo (that pretty first lady) died after undergoing an
unsuccessful surgery in 2005.
Muyiwa Obasanjo and wife
Her demise somewhat launched Muyiwa
Obasanjo into the
limelight irrespective of the fact that he was resident abroad at that
time. Although he retreated from the social sphere post- funeral, he was
again in the news when he wedded Imelse, a citizen of Dominican
Republic at a wedding that had all the trappings of luxury and
thereafter relocated to Nigeria.
He was also in the news in 2010 where he was reported to have returned
to Nigeria from his base in the United States to handle some of his
father’s businesses. The young man was said to be monitoring some of his business interests which included construction and agriculture.
Well, it appears the young man has now tactically withdrawn from public eye, thus causing
many to wonder what he has been up to.
Umgbo, Muyiwa where have you been?


  1. AaHahahA*cryin*
    I will confess,it's me,I took him…
    He's been with me all this time,kemi plz don't turn me in,I beg u.
    When I'm done draining his account,I'll return the dude…

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