“Tithing not compulsory” — Dr Olukoya of MFM agrees with OAP Freeze

During today’s service at the International Headquarters, the General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Ministries, Dr. DK Olukoya, said “Tithing is not compulsory”, as it’s purely a personal relationship between the giver and God.

“There is nowhere in the Bible where it is written that tithing and giving offering is compulsory. But if you want to trust God with your finances you should even strive to do more than the tithe.”
He also said real Christians sees everything they own as Gods and those with faith have gone beyond giving 10%…..By doing so you God may bless you even more and this way you are sowing seed for future prosperity.


  1. You are a candidate of Heaven. .speak the truth And the truth will set you free. Even when yu pay yr tithes with on forgiveness. It is a waste of time .sowing seed with blood money is a waste of time .
    The God that I know said to devil, I may be hugery , But not disperate. .Let tithes Money remains in the church. Not for their self used.lrtvthe name of God be praised. Hallelujah to king... A great Man of God has spoken .

  2. I absolutely agree with him.
    It's purely a personal thing between the giver and God.

  3. Everybody having different opinions,I believe tithe is a personal thing.

  4. Just as salvation is personal and can't be forced on someone, so also giving, be it in offering/tithing and sowing.It is personal.
    As for me I am a beneficiary of God's goodness via tithing.

  5. Well, because he said it isn't compulsory doesn't mean it isn't necessary, only for those that seeks God's blessing and favour. He said and i quote, "if you pay your tithe, Iod will bless and favour you, but if not.........."

  6. He has said it.God loves a cheerful giver.It's a personal decision.God does not force anything on anyone.Salvation ,giving,obedience,etc are not forced on people but God wants you to do them so that you can receive His abundant blessings.

  7. Even serving God is not compulsory, but it's in your best interest if you do, so........


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