Experience 2017: Nigerian/Chinese boy, Emmanuel Chen shares his encounter with Donnie Mcclurkin and Micah Stampley

Do you all remember our famous Nigerian/Chinese boy, Emmanuel Chen, who headlined blogs in 2015 after he released his photos (HERE).
In an interview with Kemi Filani Blog (HERE), he talked about his love for music and also released some gospel tracks. Now those tracks have granted him access to top gospel singers Donnie Mcclurkin and Micah Stampley.
Read his encounter with them below:

And Donnie Mcclurkin said to me, "Sing Son! "
Probably the most nervous day of my life. But that's not where the story begins.
I didn't know how to tell what happened since its did. God has given me all grace for favour.
Dreams also do come true.
I sang some songs by Micah Stampley(Heaven on earth and speak into my life) for over 2 years(Trying to attain his head voice) and fell in love with this man. Little did I know he had also gone through my IG page and responded to me through his amazing wife's recommendation.
Fast forward to Saturday, Micah sends a text, Son, come for dinner at Eko Suites, come early so we have some 1 on 1 time. Well, we had planned to meet.

I walked into Eko Signature, and gbam my eyes first jammed Donnie Mcclurkin as I waited for Micah to come down. I just carried myself and hid.
Micah came down and glory! He hugged and I didn't wanna let go. Haaayyy God, this was someone I loved and admired from afar for years.
Then he says, Donnie is over there, let me introduce you. I was like No, Nuh up, no way. He walked forward and motioned me to come with a smile. I moved and he says to Donnie And his team, "This is my son, I have been his mentor for some years from afar and Today we meeting". Donnie is a humble man, he asked me lots of questions and admonished me to stay fervent in the faith. They all kept calling me a baby. Then the next thing he says, You sing? Or play any instruments...I sing sir.
Oh great! Sing for me!
And everyone turned to me. Anwuolam o. I turned to Micah, Save me. Lol. Well Donnie was like, just softly. I started on a high key softly, You are alpha and omega.
I sang it twice thinking he will let me go...Then he said! Sing Son! Jesus! The other part was really high... He then started, We give you all...I don't know where the spirit came from but I joined him and he says, "Wow! You are great, of course when you have Micah, I expect nothing less, Stick to him"
I was singing with Donnie Mcclurkin and Micah Stampley and his team, My probably Two best Male Tenors. You wouldn't understand the joy
Kai! When we left, I turned to Micah again, you don't know what you just did for me.
7:30 we headed for Guiding Light Assembly, PASTOR Wale Adefarasins Church and had soundcheck where I was introduced to everyone as a son/Mentee to Micah by Micah.
Then we went for dinner up till 1am, chatting and conversing, with the team. Very wonderful, hilarious team I must say. All of the anointed!
I came for Lagos Experience 12 but I had an Experience Lifetime.
Public Special Announcement
Micah says to me, "You now have 2 Mom's and 1 Dad, me , not the other one"


  1. Awwww...i could feel the joy reading through this..sing son! lol. Congrats to you! I pray this brings about your desired breakthrough!

  2. This dude is going places.God bless your ministry dear

  3. Great moment, I could vividly see his excitement. Go and sing for the Lord had given you the grace. More anointing..


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