Assaulted while pregnant, burned and badly beaten - Rohingya Women tell horrific stories

25-year-old Sunuara lost her baby after she was gang r*ped by Burmese security forces
These are horrific pictures showing the survivors of Myanmar’s Rohingya purge – including a woman who was brutally gang r*ped while pregnant.
Suanara, aged just 25, fled her Myanmar home after military soldiers attacked her village, killing her teenage son and subjecting her to the horrendous assault.
She was eight months pregnant at the time, and although she survived, she gave birth prematurely but the baby died just a day later.
Suanara is one of four Rohingya women who have bravely spoken out about their harrowing experiences at the hands of Burmese security forces.
Shockingly, more than half of the survivors of sexual assault receiving treatment in refugee camps at the Bangladesh border are below 18-years-old.
The United Nations human rights chief said on Tuesday that the Burmese security forces may be guilty of genocide against the Rohingya Muslim minority during a session in Geneva.
22-year-old Roshida Begum also described her ordeal at the hands of the military – who killed her baby by smashing him on the ground in front of her.
He was just 25 days old.
They set fire to her village, throwing petrol bombs at houses, before taking groups of women, including Roshida, into houses and raping them.
After they had finished, they slit the women’s necks with machetes.
Roshida said: “They thought I was dead and they left and set the house on fire.

“I was the only one who escaped.”
She lost 17 members of her family in the attack.
In the other heartbreaking photos, the women are seen lying on the floor in distress at their treatment.
They also show their knife scars and gun-shot wounds.
Rohingya Muslims have been classed as illegal immigrants in the country, despite making up a large minority of the population in Myanmar.


  1. Man cruelty against man.Even animals are not this wicked!

  2. Smashed a baby on the ground??????? Omg!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Smashed a baby on the ground??????? Omg!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh dear!!
    This is very disheartening.


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