This Conjoined Twins Might Lose Their Lives During An Operation To Separate Them (Photos)

Joy and Joyce, 10, are conjoined twins, attached at the forehead. They have reportedly undergone tests to begin the process of separating them – despite the risk of them dying during the operation.
The Twins from the Philippines, were reported to be born with angular frontal partial craniopagus.

Their family are desperate for them to lead normal lives and are prepared to take the risk of losing one or both of them.

According to report, they were told they needed £75,000 to pay for the life-changing surgery but father Patrick Magsino, 30, and mother Jomarie stood no chance of raising the funds on their own.

Their parents said at the time of their birth a local charity offered to pay for medical treatment of the girls but they stopped helping in 2014 when medics said the operation could kill them.

Now, new pictures of the twins have been released showing them in a hospital in San Juan, located east of Manila, as they underwent tests in preparation for the separation procedure.


  1. Awww.
    I feel very sorry for them and their parents. It must have been so difficult for them.
    This reminds me of the Binder twins Ben Carson n his team separated many years back.

    I pray they have a successful surgery.

  2. I just hope the surgery will successful and both survived.

  3. Oh dear God! I feel so sad about their situation. I pray they both survive.


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