Only God could have done this! Deliverance from a serious ailment

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The Great God Saved me and also instructed me
  Who says, God does not speak?
Only a fool will be deceived that there is no God if he wants to go with the Philosophers of this end time.
 I was in a service last year and the Word came that someone was there in the  service who would be travelling to the Eastern world before the week ran out.
Truly, I was scheduled to travel that Friday of the week to China. And here I was in the congregation of believers in Christ Jesus in Abuja. 
The person concerned was told to come out for members and the pastor to pray for him for Divine preservation 
  I went out before the altar of God and was prayed for.
The Pastor even added that I would go and return safely and that he would see me on my return.
With all Amens said, little did I know that God had me in mind to spare me. The Word of knowledge indeed ! 
I went there ,and was on my way back. 
 Between China and Dubai, the flight crew lost contact with the Control Tower and even lost the control of the aircraft.
 We, at this time, were advised to get ourselves prepared for a crash landing.
There erupted screams ,shouts and yells everywhere.
It was better imagined than experienced.
In the midst of this all, I was asking no one in particular , Was this the end?
 At the peak of my emotional trauma,  the Spirit of God took over . HE reminded me of the word of the Pastor that he said he would see me on my return back to Nigeria. And that every appointment with death was canceled for my sake.
I came out of fear to Confidence in my Lord Jesus Christ and I began to declare loud that my appointment with death was canceled and like the pastor had said under the power of the Holy Spirit that he would see  me on my return: he had to see me alive and I had to see him too.
Within 5 minutes, the plane crash landed from 10,000km  up high. However within another 5 minutes,  it stabilized. What a great relief !
The pilot then informed us that they could now contact the Control Tower and that things were under control.
We continued on our trip and landed safely.
To the glory of God, I became an instant celebrity. The passengers thronged me, shaking my hands and some were asking me for my contact phone.
To them,  I was responsible for the safe landing because I was declaring God's Word. Little did they know that I also felt fear until the Holy Spirit helped me.
It did not end here.
It is good for God to speak to one. 
I sinned
I did not go back to testify. Nor did I go to see the Pastor.
I felt I had thanked God enough with my family members and close friends who had learnt of the close shave I had with death.
I did not see the importance of testifying then
 However, God was merciful and patient with me.
God waited for me till it was exactly a year after and the day fell on a Sunday.
HE sent His Angel to wake me and  remind me it was a year after. I was made to run through the experience that it was a great deliverance  It was impressed in my spirit that I would have died in the crash with the others.
That day was a year after and I had failed to share what happened, how God had sent His servant-- the Man of  God, to pray ahead of the crash. And that I had not gone back to him to see me and to tell the whole church who were present that day during the call-out and the prayers
I cried to God thanking Him for the extension of His mercies to me once again and I asked Him for forgiveness.
I ran to the church and gave Him the glory in the presence of His people.
Here I am today to let the world know that God still intervenes in the affairs of men.
Believe on the Lord and live , all other contrary opinions are a distraction.
Praise the Lord


  1. Halleluyah!our God is a GREAT GOD.

  2. Awesome testimony..
    All glory to God almighty.

  3. Crash landing?😱

    Thank God for you

  4. Hallelujah,He reigns.Thank God for safety.His word id yea and Amen.


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