Only God could have done this! Deliverance from a serious ailment

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 From May this year, I have been struggling with a serious cold and catarrh  and cough that seemed  to defile all medication and  health precautions I could think of.
 Two weeks ago,  around middle of October, I became afraid of it.
If this was not to be an ordinary infection, what would I do?
I got tired of it in my spirit. 
Like the Scriptures  say concerning Esau in Genesis  27 verse 40 that,  'When you grow restless,  you will tear off his yoke from your neck'  for Esau to regain some of his blessing he had lost to Jacob.
 My own problem was about my health issue. I endured it for almost five months. It did not abate. 
I had to reclaim or regain my health from whatever power that wanted to hold on to it.
I even prayed about it  on my own and with family members. Sometimes, though, after the prayers, I would feel a bit relieved.
Within two days it would come back with running nose and cough.
Thanks be to the Lord Jesus , my Lord and Saviour. HE never fails. HE never slumbers. 
  My mind went to the handkerchief the Man of God asked us to wave in the Holy Ghost Convention Service  in August this year for God to anoint for us.
I had forgotten about it. 
The Spirit of the Lord came to my rescue.
The realisation of the  verse of the Bible  that says , ' The weapons of our warfare are not canal , but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds ,'struck me.
So whether it was ordinary infection or not, I was determined to combat it with the help of the Lord.
 I went inside and took the handkerchief. I began to wave it and make declarations of my good and excellent health. 
And that the power of the enemy concerning my health was thereby terminated as I waved the handkerchief before my Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ.
I just noticed today, November 4th that for the past two weeks, my nose has run dry and no cough.
The Lord heard me and honored the faith I put in the little act which many would  have found difficult to believe or act upon.
P r a i  s e God!


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