Only God could have done this! The cough almost took my life...

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 I am alive today because my God, the God of the entire universe, kept me.

 I learnt in a big way that one should not be taking things lightly.
The enemy came like a thunder bolt and shook me to my foundation. But the Lord arose for me and visited me.
One day, I was eating my delicious meal of pounded yam with the accompained soup. All of a sudden, a frog from nowhere jumped on the pounded yam and to the soup..
In annoyance, I covered the frog with the two plates saying to myself that if I could  be prevented from eating my food by this ......animal, then the frog too should not be allowed to live.
After a long period,I opened the plates to see that the frog was not to be found.
It was a bewilderness to me. As I was thinking about this spectacle.,I did not know that the enemy had set a trap for me.
From that evening I began to cough.
Little attention I first gave to the cough, until I saw it was a battle of my life
Every time I coughed, it resulted into urinating.
How would I recover from this ?
I  was placed on some medication yet the battle kept on raging.
I believe that God's appointed time for me to recover my health came when I got to know of a crusade in my town.
I resolved if no man or nothing  could help me, I would run to Jesus. If HE saved me, I lived. If not, I die
I do not know how to thank God enough. HE heard me. He knew of my agony and HE sent His servant to me
While in the midst of the people gathered, the Word of God came that somebody was there ,the Lord had heard your cries and had come down to deliver you.
I did not know when I cried out , ' Thank You, Jesus'
My Maker can meet with me anywhere and at anytime.
His power was in the den of lions with Daniel. His power was in the belly of fish housing Jonah.
My faith was rekindled. Did I have even an option?
I held on to the Word of knowledge . 
And  faithful is the Lord God Almighty. 
The coughing and the urination stopped from that day.
I am free and free indeed.
Praise the Lord


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