He was poisoned! Family of the other Davido's friend, Chime that was also found dead, speak

The family of Chime Amaechi, who died in the same car with Davido‘s friend DJ Olu, spoke to NET exclusively on their pain at seeing their son’s character maligned in the press.

Punch had earlier reported that Chime and Olu’s deaths were as a result of a drug overdose and  that ‘hard drugs were discovered in the car’.
His bereaved family spoke to us, declaring that that report was false and that the Chime was definitely not a drug user.
The older Mr Amaechi and his daughter, Sopulu spoke on camera as his distraught mother wept softly in a corner.
‘My late son was not a drug user. Like me he didn’t even drink and when he did, it was always in very small quantities. He was a level-head, nice human being.Even when he left school and started business, he would always let me know his next line of action, so I am surprised that these lies are being spread about him,’ he said.
‘Chime is not that type of person…If you see drug addicts, they don’t think straight most times…Chime is not like that,’ his sister added.

The father went on to say he had accepted the death of Chime as a Christian who had left everything to God but seeing the lies being spread about his son, he couldn’t keep quiet.
‘I spoke to the DPO of Ikoyi Police Station when I saw the Punch story and he said investigations were still ongoing and there’s no way that can be correct. They even got the age wrong: they said he’s 25. My son that I gave birth to is just 23. He was 23 in February. We just want justice to be done,’ Mr Amaechi said.

His sister said ''Chime was not that kind of person, I have seen addicts and I know how they act...My brother or Dj Olu were not definitely not addicts'.
  You see, addicts are always fidgeting, their account of what they do is not constant. Chime was always coherent. I never suspected his moves because he confided in me. So how would they say he overdosed on drugs? Nobody is asking for the name of the place they went to eat, neither are they asking if he was poisoned. I am convinced that this was a case of poisoning or sabotage, because I know my brother.' Pressed on why her brother could have been murdered, she says 'My belief is that it was something connected to his business. Her and Olu were negotiating a deal with the Oyo State Government and he had just arrived from Ibadan. The person who reviewed the CCTV footage told us they saw someone drop something in their car and the person left. They should tell us who that person is.' When we spoke to the DPO of Ikoyi Police Station whose officers were the first on the scene after the bodies were discovered, he said no information has been given by him as to the cause of the deaths until the autopsy is complete. 'I've been seeing a lot of information all over the place. We will disclose our findings when the investigation is complete.'

Chime was found lifeless with Olugbenga Abiodun who was Davido’s DJ in the parking lot of the Banana Island apartment they lived in.


  1. All these journalist should stop insinuations and allow the police to conclude investigation.

  2. Is drug and alcogol overdose jor

  3. It seems it's food poisoning ....may God comfort their families

  4. Hmmmm something is fishy... No b today people start to do drugs.. Why is that I'm just a week three of davidos friends died due to excess alcohol or drugs... Abeg de should conduct a good herbalist because something is definitely not clear here

  5. "Chime was not that kind of person, I have seen addicts and I know how they act...My brother or Dj Olu were not definitely not addicts"

    You can't be so sure. Do you know what these guys behind? And its not as if you follow your bro wherever he goes to. I'm not saying hes an addicts too, but we can't be 100% sure.
    May God rest their souls.

    1. What these guys do behind***

      Forgive my typo


  6. Alcohol overdose sounds more like it to me.


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