See How A Man Allegedly Brutalized His Fiancee Few Weeks After Proposing To Her (Photos)

A lady, Thelma Dennis, took to Facebook to share her sad story of domestic violence.

According to her, she wants her story to be a lesson to other woman. She also shared private messages he sent to her begging for another chance.

According to Thelma...
“I know this is the trending topic out there right now for you guys that are using this moment to gossip and Say so much.. 
Spraying videos and picture of my life being taken by someone who have repeatedly abuse women for so many years.. which I later found out but I would not let this stop me and don’t you guys ever think that this will bring me down instead I am here thanking God for my life that I even have the opportunity to be a part of you guys spreading my abuse pictures so I am posting this up in memories for all the women who lost their lives to domestic violence but God spare mine to be a voice for them.. 
These are my pictures you don’t have to share them because I am sharing it with the world to put an end to domestic violence no woman should ever live with such a man that would do this to her. 
He is responsible for his actions not me and he would be the one paying for it and he would be brought to justice so don’t waste your time trying to spread rumors or gossip because I am right there with you.”


  1. OMG!! This is terribly disheartening. I think he wanted to just kill her. He's such an animal.
    Thank God for your dear life lady.
    I can't believe the idiot is actually begging for a second chance.
    BTW, his English is as horrible as him.

  2. Illiterate+Olosho=GOBE

  3. The man is insane.Thank God for her life.

  4. So men r just Animals.... say No to domestic violence.

  5. Stupid nigga can't even type one correct sentence. Illiterate woman abuser. Mofo should be locked up with rapists and serial killers.

  6. What!!!!! This is sickening, he needs to be punished by law for this & d lady should just call off engagement

  7. What kinda man does this to a woman?????????? He is a beast!

  8. It is a good thing he did to you before you got married, now please runnnnn as far as you can go..he will try to convince you he is sorry and he loves you, and, this will never happen again.

  9. The sad part of this is that she will go back to him. These women do not learn until they are six feet in the ground. This cannot be the first time. In fact some of them enjoy the abuse as their twisted mind believe it is love. Sad!

  10. This guy should be arrested ASAP!What an animal in human flesh.This is too much na.This is a killer husband o


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