Question Of The Day: Who Tore The Family Apart?

There is always news about a wife and a husband cheating on themselves or one unfaithful partner on a faithful one which most times results into divorce. Celebrities are not left out either...

Please see below and let's know what you think...

A husband made a mistake - Yes, a mistake by cheating. Wife in return cheated but ended up pregnant. Who tore the family apart?

Do you think the man should be blamed for making a mistake or do you think the woman did the rigt thing by cheating?


  1. Both did,no one should be excused for cheating.

  2. Hmmm. The fact that the man cheated does not mean the wife should do the same. It will only make matters worse.

  3. Which kind yeye mistake be dat? He cheated..period!lol
    IMO, the both of them tore the family apart.
    After the husband cheated, if the wife had exercised patience and not cheat in return to spite him, she wouldn't be pregnant and the family would still be intact.
    So, they're both at fault.

  4. The wife only cheated because the husband cheated, everything would have been just fine if he didn't cheat. So, he tore the family apart.

    1. But the fact that her husband cheated doesn't give her the right to cheat too now SH. She should have handled it differently instead of her cheating. They are both to blame.

    2. But none of these would have happened if the man had been contented, the woman was wrong too but she would not have had a reason to be if the man didn't cheat.

    3. I understand you well. But really,they are both @fault. If the husband was foolish enough to cheat, the woman should have applied wisdom. Remember what the Bible says about a wise woman?
      A wise woman builds her home.

  5. The woman did the wrong thing by cheating.There are many ways of handling her cheating husband other than getting into this mess.

  6. They both tore d family apart,dere is no such tin like "big or small cheating"


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