Photo of family having dinner at restaurant while their maid sat on another table goes viral

 This photo has gone viral after Facebook user, Nkanyiso Kasifiso shared them online. The photo shows a family eating at an Italian restaurant in South Africa while their nanny watched from another table. He wrote;

I had to witness this Fego Westwood Mall, She wasn't invited to a 4 seater table, she didn't eat anything, She did sing a lullaby to those twins But, I'm sure this not racism, it's just people having dinner with their "less than a dog pet"


  1. The way some people treat their househelps like trash I don't understand,what will it cost them to allow her make an order even if she doesn't have to sit with them.

  2. The kinda world we found ourselves in

  3. Hmmmm...
    At least they should've just bought some food for her.

  4. You guys should chill... She is being paid for her job- maid-so she is not 'entitled' to 'extra' treatment unless her bosses want to. DO you see food in front of the couple? What if they were all waiting for an order that was placed, including hers? Why would she be invited to a 4 seater table? She is what she is. Her bosses are on a 'date' or simply put, they are having their privacy- why should she sit on the same table???


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