Only God could have done this! A terrible wound of 10 years that Doctors couldn't heal...

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God is not a man. His ways  are beyond human thinking and opinions.
Kemi, please share this testimony with your readers.
It  really amazed me on hearing the woman testifier on Friday night of October 2017 Holy Ghost service.
The testimony was and is still a wonder to me, hearing  the power of God moved in a very hopeless situation.
As Yoruba people will declare in utmost acknowledgement  of God goodness to  man-K A B I Y E S I- meaning Your Majesty. I want to add my voice to praise this God. HE is Awesome
The testifier spoke about her grandmother who had a wound on her leg for more than ten years. According to her, the wound was getting rotten and decaying to the extent that the doctors advised its being amputated.
Even at that , the family's mind was prepared to the effect that grandmother might not survive the operation.
However, the doctors kept postponing the operation for the reason best known to them.
May be, my own thinking , why bothering themselves over an aged woman decaying leg
Then, God Almighty moved in. HE put it in the hearts of the testifier and her husband to try and use the handkerchief that Daddy G.O- Pastor E A Adeboye anointed some months back on the wound. They travelled down to grandma's place and used the anointed piece on  the  wound.
The result.....
Human frailty met with God's faithfulness !
Listen to the woman testifying--  About two months after they left  the old mama, the testifier further stated that they called the nurse around mama's place to go check mama's leg and treat her.
The result was the response of the nurse after she had gone to check on mama.
' Why did you tell me to go and treat mama's leg when there was nothing wrong with her leg. No wound.'
Too good to be true! But it was. God's power in action!
What can God Almighty not do?
HE can change darkness to light to display His sovereignty.
I am still confounded with the testimony.
Whereas some legs are gone on human's advice based on what the eyes can see.
God changed death to life .....for the 'rotten'  leg of a very old grandmother.
Who knows the purpose for which the doctors kept postponing the operation?
Me, the hearer of the testimony, believed God had been in the matter of the leg till the time came for Him to prove to the world that HE could turn any situation around for good for those who can trust Him.
The faith of the testifier and her husband in the Man of God established God's healing for grandma.
My faith moved up with this
To God be the glory


  1. Wow. This is Wonderful.
    Great are you Lord God Almighty.
    May her healing be permanent iJn.

  2. Oluwa! I stand in awe of you! You are amazing!

  3. The God I serve works in a miraculous way


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