Only God could have done this! I would have died through poison...

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God delivers when we call on HIM.
I would have died through poison but God had mercy on me.
I did not know I had an enemy as a friend.
He invited me home and entertained me. The reception was lavishly done.. Little did I know I was being prepared for doom.
I got home feeling dizzy.
I took some anointing oil. Still I was not myself. Though, there was some relief.
I could not eat the meal prepared by my wife at home. 
I went to sleep and woke up by midnight. Then the biting effect of the poison was hitting me.
This time, I got up and went to a room crying to God to forgive me of my carelessness. My not having control over my appetite !.
I remembered I told God to use that little but nasty experience to give me a second chance and that I would no longer  be eating anyhow if HE saved me this time around. I cried all night asking for mercy.
And the Lord was gracious to me. When I slept, the Lord Jesus showed me a great vision to tell me that what happened was real but that  HE had answered me.
I had a dream where something like a  long rope was coming  from my mouth and I was pulling it out until the last bit was out.
And truly, by the time I got up I felt better as I had been cleared and cleansed or purged of every contamination in my system.
I give God all the honor and glory for rising for my deliverance.
Praise the Lord !


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