Only God could have done this! Delivered From The Bondage Of Destructive Addiction

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 My sister was heavily yoked with alcohol. She was going to church. She prayed against this problem, according to her. Yet she could not help herself.
She was not selling alcoholic drinks. However, could one say because her husband was a dealer in all kinds of drinks  , this contributed to her problem?
  My sister would , in a day, take at least five bottles of beer of two different brands. That is, if there was no party she attended.
She tried to pray herself out of it but she had no impetus  or self will to stop it.
 Her life was contrary to Christian beliefs.
This is because, she would portray the air of a society woman.
For four years or so, she was held down by the spirit of alcoholism.
Thank God for His mercies  as HE came to her aid.
A pastor friend introduced her to the church, advising her to fast and pray, crying to God for help and deliverance.
Thank God that the Spirit of God made her restless as to desire help.
As she told us and many others, she agonised in the spirit for God to help her out of it.
Then she got to her shop where she was into selling of provision stuffs excited that at last she was free.
And this was what baffled me.
A customer came to her shop and brought two small items from her , paid for one and left. Then the customer turned back,  opened her bag and brought out a can beer. She offered  my sister this as payment for the other item she bought.
 My  sister collected it but told her she would not take the can beer in exchange for payment. And she told the customer she would keep it at a corner of the shop for her till she returned.
Why a can of beer?
Truly , her drinking so many bottles of beer per day was now clear to us all that her lifestyle was not ordinary..
All her trying to stop drinking beer before then had been thwarted by powers beyond her . 
She had been under the influence of some strange powers. 
This last encounter  proved to be the very last , as my sister's eyes were opened and she cooperated with the Lord her Maker. The fasting,  the prayer, the self control and the greatest of them all-- the Grace of God upon her life, set her free.
We are all happy for her. She vomited a green substance and since then she had been free.
The customer had  not come back since then. But the battle Stopper, Jesus Christ,  had conquered for her.
The sight of beer now nauseates her.
Only Jesus can destroy yokes.
Praise the Lord !


  1. Thank God she's completely healed now.

  2. Hallelujah! Jesus did it! I'm so excited on behalf of the testifier.

  3. Hallelujah! Jesus did it! I'm so excited on behalf of the testifier.

  4. Wow! Amazing!
    All glory to God for this awesome victory.

  5. Praise be unto the lord,thank God for the revival & answered prayers


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