Nigerian Lady Shares Testimony After They Killed The Deadly Owl Enemies Hired To Kill Her Parents Right Inside Their Room

Photos: Nigerian Lady Shares Testimony After They Killed The Deadly Owl Enemies Hired To Kill Her Parents Right Inside Their Room
A Nigerian Lady identified as Vivian N. Madujibeya on social media Shares testimony after they killed a Deadly Owl enemies hired to kill her parents right inside their room.

She shared the photos of the owl on her Facebook page and wrote;
Make una com help me thank God oo. He is truly an awesome God, I can’t even thank him enough now, I am still shocked, cos I do hear of these things happening, but now I am a witness, because I just experienced it. Truly evil is roaming around, its just for those that have not experienced it physically that would not believe cos it happens in the spiritual realm every sec and minutes.
i just want to thank God for saving my family last night from the clutches of the enemies, most especially my dad and mum, cos I don’t know the kind of story I would have been telling this morning. As about 12am my mum woke up to do her daily midnight prayers which she ends by 1am, and as of then there was no nepa power, and daddy was sleeping inside their own room,immediately after my mum finished her prayers, and went in, they brought the light,the next thing she saw was this Bird fly inside their room, to attack, fortunately for us my mum who doesn’t see well without her glasses saw it and started shouting, then my dad woke up and started to battle it until he brought it down.
Now the question is, what would have happened if they hadn’t brought the light?? Who knows what I will be saying by now. I just want to glorify my God, because their plans has failed may him alone that has done this be glorified forever and ever. Amen! Please my bretherens let’s us always pray, because prayers maketh the enemies plan to fail. Thank you Lord Jesus.


  1. As for me I don't believe in all these things attached to birds.

  2. Aww.
    All power belongs to God.
    Thank you Lord for destroying the plan of the evil ones over this family 👪


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