Nigerian Evangelist shares why being a housewife is the most resourceful and underrated profession (Photos)

Nigerian Evangelist based in the U.K, Olusola Adio, has shared his thought on why being a housewife is the most resourceful and underrated profession.
He shared this on Twitter

According to him, being a wife means being a Driver, Nanny and a lesson teacher and only a wife and mother can put in her best into those 3 jobs for her children. He further said that no one else, can be that faithful or loyal towards children.

He further argued that drivers and cooks can molest or kidnap children, but a housewife cannot kidnap kids. Here are his tweets;


  1. Well he is entitled to his opinion though,that can't happen in dis part of Africa

  2. He is so right. Only intelligent people will understand him

    1. I think the article is a bit lopsided, might be as a result of my bias for the writer; he has written a lot stuff I don’t approve of in the past. Well as for me I feel the worst decision a woman could make is to become a full time housewife. 1. Giving today’s world, only high income earners (husbands) can consider subjecting their wives( if she wants) to become a full-time housewife. It will be illogical for a minimum wage earner (Man/woman) to hustle two or more jobs for his home while the partner seats at home in the name of housekeeping. I started taking care of younger ones at abt 11, while both of my parents hustled round the clock. My belief is two people can make much more when they both have jobs or earn a living in one way or another (it’s a sort of insurance policy even when the earnings of one can sufficiently provide for the needs of the family). Secondly consider the occurrence of sudden death of the breadwinner ( even when good money is left, there’s often a lack of managerial skill), I’ve seen families struggle to keep up afterwards especially when it happens in the early stages of marriage. Generally I think the idea of housewives just kills the potential of women, if you’re worried about the quality of nanny’s your children are subjected to; install hidden cameras in your home, this is 2017; all those scenarios he mentioned can be managed well if you prioritise your kids.

  3. This is absolutely true.
    A big shoutout to all the good mothers out there.

  4. uncle you are d most sensible man in d world. In short... you are too much.

  5. It is not advisable to be a full time housewife because of the world we are in presently.He made a valid point though

  6. Who still chooses to be a full housewife in 2017?

  7. He is not advocating anyone to be a house wife but being a housewife its a job on its own. he cited the example of the divorced housewife who requested to be compensated as she is a nanny, cook and driver. he said overdere one pays a lot and he mentioned the advantages........He also said such sacrifice should be decided by the woman not to be enforced..........guys do take time to read and assimilate.


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