KFB's heart-to-heart: After Paying Her School Fees & Bills From 100 To 500 Level, Now She Said ‘I Can’t Marry An Illiterate

It really hurts when you made a promise at the beginning of a journey and at the end you failed!
Here is a story of young Man who earns peanut only to Invest all his monthly salary on a Girl he wishes to Marry. He spent all his hard earned funds to send the lady to school and after her days in school, the story changed.

She graduated from School and was lucky enough to get a good job immediately after her Youth Service and it’s time to get married, only for the lady to say she can’t get married to an illiterate like the young man.
The young man is confused and hopeless * The lady is all he got and now, the multi million naira is going down the lane.
Read what he sent to us below:-
My name is Akeem Akinleye.
I’m 26-year-old, working in a company where I work as a cleaner and earn 25,000 every month which I put all on a girl I want to marry to send her to school.
I paid for her school fees from 100 level to 500 level and all of her other bills like house-rent, clothes, handouts are all on me. I wish to attend the University also but nothing is always left after paying for her own.
Now, she’s a graduate and I sat her down to plan about our Life, to talk about Marriage and future matters but she said it to my face that she can’t get married to an Illiterate. I thought she was talking to someone else but after looking left and right, I realized I was the only one sitting there.
This is the saddest experience in my life.
I sincerely needs your Candid advice – What should I do?
Please advise this poor young man on what to do.
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  1. This is serious.
    What an ingrate she is.
    My candid advice would be for your to just take heart and leave all for God. I believe God will give you your own wife. She'll definitely regret this wickedness.
    I really don't know what else you can do.

  2. My advise,move on jejely,work harder to add value to yourself by going back to school,it's not too late to start all over.AS FOR HER,KARMA IS A BITCH,GOD WILL HANDLE HER HIS OWN WAY.It is not easy though,but move on and replicate what you did to her to yourself...thank me later.Shalom

  3. So sad. But its not too late for you to go school. Even if you get married it might not work. Develop yourself and when you are established women will come running after you. But the lady should one way or the other show some appreciation.

  4. Well, i'd advise you simply move on, you should have seen this coming, you probably saw it and ignored... Sigh!

    Try invest in yourself...go back to school if possible. No graduate wants to end up with a poor illiterate, I'm only being blunt here.
    Pele dear.

  5. GOD will not forgive the girl.. But maybe she thought you were just her angel on human form

    1. God will forgive her if she realises her mistakes n ask for forgiveness.


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