'if you really don't own a car, you have no business having more than two kids' - Nigerian lady

A beautiful Abuja based Nigerian lady identified as Princess took to Twitter to say people who don’t own cars have no business having more than 2 kids. 
Who agrees?

She wrote...

'I mean if you really don't own a car, you have no business having more than two kids'

Who agrees?


  1. I kinda agree with her,I'm sure she will hav her reson for putting this up though

  2. She's saying trash.
    I think there are so many couples who don't own a car, who have more than 2 children and are doing really fine. Their priority is to give their wards good education. Does not owning a car mean they are poor? Or does it mean they won't be able to properly take care of more than 1 child? NO!

    1. We are all entitled to our opinions sir.

  3. Is owning a car now a priority of having more than two children.My opinion is when you have the resources to train and give them the best education,then you can have as many children as God gives.

  4. Well..your opinion. Even if i partially agree with her, it doesn't mean there are people who are not living fine without a car and more than two kids.

  5. i do agree with her as a working mother is not easy becos in my own experience i have to take the kids( back 3mnths old to creche , hold the 2years who is in pre-skool luckily same skool from there go to work since it not wise going back home since it's d same route, u can imagine me carrying my office bag, creche bag, breakfast bag for mysef to reduce cost of buying food. during one of the days we were going cos we do trek since there are short cut to their skool. the same routin for five days and twice a day both morning and evening i had to talk to mysef that i needed a car that same year luckily for me my coy sold used car i had to buy cos it was a necessity.


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