'I have never been to any formal school all my life but I now supervise Masters and PhD holders - Nigerian Billionaire, Indimi

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Who says you have to go to school before you are rich. Billionaire businessman and Oil boss, Muhammadu Indimi has revealed in a recent interview that he never had any western education and has never been to any formal school , but he now supervises those with masters and Ph.D.

He also somewhat revealed how he achieved success.

In a recent chat with PREMIUM TIMES, the billionaire stated that he did never had the chance to go to school.

He said;

“Thank God today, as an unlettered person by western standards, I still supervise people with masters and PhDs who are working in my organisation,”

“As a matter of fact, if any of my employees wants to approach me with any project proposal or some kind of memo or presentation, they have to be well-prepared and make sure they did their home work well because they know I will definitely point out any error therein.

So, Alhamdullillahi, I thank God for his kindness upon me. It may interest you to know that I have never been to any formal school all my life. No teacher of western education can say he or she had taught me how to pronounce the alphabet ‘A’ in my life.

I simply learnt by listening and associating with people. I am a very committed person when it comes to learning and adapting,” he added


  1. Really? Wow.
    But that doesn't change the fact that education is certainly very essential.

  2. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! Education is still very key though.

  3. Education can also be informal ,it doesn't necessarily mean you must go to school.

    1. Both are essential. Informal education is one thing, formal education is another thing.

  4. Having a certificate isn't a criteria to be a human being on earth,hard work & determination is the key


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