Housewife vs career woman: Celebrity photographer, Kelechi Amadi-Obi voices his opinion

Kelechi Amadi-Obi
So veteran Nigerian celebrity photographer, Kelechi Amadi-Obi waded in into the Housewife vs career woman issue. 

According to him, nation building starts from the home, and housewives are doing a great job at it. He further said they need to be respected. 

Here is what he wrote...

Lets put some respect on housewives, they are nation builders! (ace photographer) – I totally agree, some housewives raise kings while some clowns collect tithe and offering money, lend their husbands N1m out of it and then come and be preaching rubbish about it! ~FRZ – @mpraize #PhotoBomb #Tsogosun #breakfast #discussion. When powerful minds sit to have breakfast together! – #FreeTheSheeple – #Fun #Bae #tsogosun #SSIkoyi @lol_yemsi @ekannyin @tsogosun – @tsogosun @mpraize @kelechiamadiobi @onyeeka @bodyalchemistng @insidewatchafrica_iwa @bellanaijaliving @iretidoyle – #Fun #Bae #tsogosun #SSIkoyi @lol_yemsi @ekannyin @tsogosun #Housewives


  1. From Kelechi or Freeze?....I thought it's Freeze dat uses FRZ

  2. Correct talk..
    We gotta respect the housewives.
    Pst. Funke Adejumo's viral video the other day is so misleading.
    I pity those following that.

    1. I want to believe people have brains. For me what i take out of it is don't be totally idle.

  3. You people should leave my FFA biko... If the sermon hit you so bad, go establish businesses for housewives. 😩

    1. Choi sweetheart! Just because FFA is ur role model or becos you like her doesn't make what she said right. Let's call a spade what it is... a spade.

    2. She is a woman i follow and respect. i guess what she said didn't come out the right way. what i got from that message is "as a woman find something to do, don't be totally idle" For someone helping out your hubby with 50k is equal to someone else's 1m


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