Forget that I am single, even people who are married have issues | Tina Mba talks about rising over societal pressure

In a recent interview with City People magazine, actress Tina Mba had this to say:

"First thing is to know who I am. I can’t compromise that. It’s what I want. And I can’t see another person. I am not into the band wagon effect. It doesn’t move me because I know where I am going. And I really know who I am. I have defined me. This is how I want to goo I will observe whats going on around me. I will learn from it. It doesn’t really matter whats going on around me.

But I do not necessarily have to be part of it because I know that somehow, some where, the path I have gone through some people will come after it and determine it is a way to go. People keep asking me: how do you do it? How have you come this far? You are still here, when some have come and gone. I say to them well its a choice. When it got tough I stayed. When it is getting better I am here. When it will be good and better, God willing, I will be here.

It is just a matter of determining that this is where you want to go and this is where you want to be. I do not say to myself in so, so number of years I am going to have done this I can’t determine that. I am not God. But I can hope that in 5 years, it will be better. I have seen kids through school. My last kid is in 3rd year UNI and that’s no mean feat.

Forget that I am single, even people who are married have issues. God has blessed me with great children. I have 2 biological children and grand children. It is just the way it is. Get your mind right. Don’t let the pressure of society, or the pressure of somebody is driving a Range Rover, or aeroplane or somebody has a shop that is bigger than Eko Hotel, move you.

We all have our calling. We all have our time. We can’t all be like that. I am me. What drives many of is: This is me, but I want to be like you. Then I get into trouble trying to be like you."


  1. Very well said.
    #BeYourself. Don't try to copy or be someone else.

  2. Appreciate God and yourself and see positive things come your way

  3. Replies
    1. Ode, you don't understand English abi?

  4. I just love this woman


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