Disheartening! Newborn baby tied up in a nylon and abandoned in a dirty, smelling gutter in Lagos (Photos)

An Instagram user, Feathertouch, recounts how a newborn baby was rescued after being tied up in a nylon and abandoned inside a gutter in the Lekki area of Lagos. He shared photo on his page and how Lagos State Emergency number fared. See photo below...

Here is what he wrote...

Some human beings are heartless ooo… How could somebody give birth to a baby and decide to tie the baby up in a waste bin nylon and then dump her in a dirty, smelling gutter? 
We just rescued and rushed the baby to the hospital some minutes ago around Lekki, Lagos. 
I put a call through to the Lagos State Emergency number 112 they kept giving us hope that they are on the road whereas the placenta was still on the baby and was already smelling. The emergency finally came but the baby has already been rushed to the hospital… The emergency people got to the hospital where we took the baby but don’t have anything to attend to the baby, my people had to start going round looking for where to buy the things the hospital asked for so as to start treating the baby! Thank GOD for the 24hrs shop on the Island…. It would have probably been a different story.
Which way Nigeria? 
Thank GOD the baby is alive… Our rehearsal has not started yet!


  1. Imagine!
    This is heartbreaking.
    Thank God for the life of the baby.

  2. When some are looking for ,some are throwing away.Thank God the baby was rescued alive

  3. Oh my goodness! Who did this evil?

  4. Some women are just crazy.The mother didn't even think of the nine month journey and its attendant discomfort.God will keep the baby.Thanks to those who rescue her


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