Brother of 16 year old OAU student who allegedly committed suicide speaks out

“My sister didn’t commit suicide, she was the best in her class” — Brother of 16 year old OAU student who allegedly committed suicide
Yesterday we posted a news on the death of one Mercy Olamide Afolaranmi, a student of Microbiology at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, who was said to have committed suicide.

In a new development, schoolforum.com.ng came across a comment on their page which is alleged to be from the brother of the deceased lady.
According to him who wrote the comment, Mercy was murdered and didn’t commit suicide and he has his reasons.
Read his comment below:


  1. A new twist to the story.Only God knows what happened.

  2. Deep sigh*
    But how true can this be? I hope he's not just pushing blames on the poor roomie of the deceased? Fingers crossed...

    RIP to the dead.

  3. Hmmmm,this is just sad,only God knows best.

  4. They should pls allow d soul of the young girl rest in peace & avoid different versions of d of what caused her death

  5. Hmn! This Life. All these attrocities that happen amoungst youths these days sha! I was so naive as an undergrad even though I graduated at 24. I knew practically nothing and a lot of us were really like that.

    I remember my cousin trying to be spiteful used to say we do not even look like undergrads. relationship was so basic, boys toast you you do shakara, he scopes you you fall and give your virginity (if you have the guts, a lot of us did not) he hurts you out of youthful exuberance you your heart out and move on. You go to class and skip it once in a while. you read you pass you dont you fail. you wear what you have and do borrow pose once in a while which will almost always boomerang.

    You know life was so predictable. 1 + 1 in my generation was always 2. so different from what is now obtainable. so different!

    How on earth can the mind of a university student conceive killing? It is so sad and unimaginable for a young person. Wish for a revolution and reorientation. every news is just too scary these days


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