Actress Kafi Danku tells how she suffered 3 miscarriages and a still birth before having her child

Star actress Kafui Danku is one of the big stars in the Ghana movie industry who is making waves with her craft. The tall and ebony beauty who launched into the movie scene barely 8 years ago rose to become a major force to reckon with in a short period of time.
She also delved into production after featuring in few movies, a move that stamped her presence in the industry. In a chat with the multi-talented actress she revealed that she got into acting in 2009”I was in school but I always wanted to act so I came for a couple of auditions, I came to see a friend who was working with Venus Film Abdul Salam.

He encouraged me to audition and then I got my first role which was a waka pass,it was just a one scene. I played alongside Nadia, Majid Michel. It was a beautiful story Agony of Christ and am glad I was part of that project “Her foray into production portrayed her in a bigger way especially with the quality of movies in kitty. Unlike many who go into production for the profit, she insists that her passion led her to that sector. “It’s all about what you love to do, I started as an actress, I love telling stories and interpreting characters. So when I read stories that are very good and haven’t been shot, I always try to produce it.My very first movie was written by Pascal Amanfo,and Any Other Monday is also directed by Pascal Amanfo.It’s been encouraging sometimes you feel like giving up but the heart knows what it wants and the passion keeps growing. There have been so many challenges but we are working hard. Funding first of all, locations and all that “One aspect of her life that was kept private by the actress was her marriage. Not until recently when she welcomed her bouncing baby girl after 6 years of marriage, did many get to know who her husband is.

Speaking about him ,” He is a very pleasant man, very nice and intelligent .He is also very neat and good looking, my kind of man. My husband is a scientist and a very smart guy’ I have a very supportive husband and it has been good. When it’s time for family, it’s time for family. When it’s time for work it’s time for work.

I try to plan, I don’t get it right all the time but I try. She says. What is currently the news about this talented beauty is her inspiring story of how she waited upon the Lord for 6 years without a child. After she welcomed her new bundle of joy Baby Lorde, Kafui has been elated with her new responsibility as a mother and an advocate on fertility issues, sharing her experience inorder to inspire other women suffering the same faith. She revealed that her journey was a very challenging one but God gave her the right man by her side to ease the pain. She also shed light on why she kept her pregnancy a secret until the birth of her baby. In her words “With extreme joy, I show gratitude to my maker. With no regret, I flaunt the glory of God.

I am not ashamed or afraid to testify on what God has done for me. As an actress and a producer, lots of people look up to me and it is only right I show them the good moments of my life and the challenges to inspire them as expected of every role model. Many women with maternal issues now open up to me and find hope and strength in my story. I am aware the surprise of my pregnancy is a headache of many. A proud Ghanaian Ewe girl who strongly knows that witches and bad luck do not rule the world.GOD RULES.

The panic in which people live their lives because of witches is doubt of the Power of God. I know I have mentioned him a billion times already. After three miscarriages and 1 still birth, I didn’t give up because I knew and trusted that everything will be in time.” The new mum and her husband Mr Pitcher held a star studded christening of their baby Lorde who is now an ambassador for Royal Monopoly Diapers, early this year .The actress has bounced back into acting and shed all her baby fat as well. She recently launched her website and also working on some movie projects.


  1. Thank God for giving her a new song after all she went through

  2. She's been through a lot.
    Thank God for your testimony.

  3. Wow..thank God + her hubby is so cute!


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