87-year-old former lawmaker, Senator Cyrus Nunieh defends controversial wedding to young lady

An 87-year-old lawyer and former lawmaker, Senator Cyrus Nunieh, said he decided to marry another wife because he was alone and needed a companion.

Nunieh officially married a lady in her 40s on Tuesday at the Presidential Hotel in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital.

The former member of the National Assembly, who said he was now a king in Ogoniland, River State, explained that he had been alone after his former wife died in 1991.

Speaking with Punch correspondent on the telephone on Tuesday, Nunieh pointed out that his children were all adults, who had ventured into various business of their own, adding that he could no longer cope with loneliness.

He described his new wife, Rosemary, as an intelligent woman, who would always be there for him and share ideas with him.

“I cannot continue to stay alone. I love her and she loves me. We understand each other and she is also intelligent. In marriage, there are advantages somewhere and disadvantages in other areas.
“There is no limitation in age. Some may say you are old; you may soon die. But some were dead even before they were born. Some were one year or two years old and they die. Death is not always dependent upon a man’s age,” he said.

About her new wife, Nunieh said, “You know that rose is the best of all flowers and we have two Marys in the Bible; we have Mary, the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

“She too (Rosemary) is a believer of the Bible. But why are you particular about her age? She is not an infant. She is a very charming woman.”


  1. Alone? At what age...
    Well I don't blame him, I blame the woman 👩 that married him. I mean,he's just too old.

    What's my own gan....their life their choices

    1. Honestly, could this be love?..hahahahahaha

      But, come to think of it, he can't marry an old woman too, who will help who???

    2. To be honest sweetheart, you and I know this ain't love. I don't just understand the rationale behind this,really.

  2. Happy married life to them,as long as they both are happy with themselves

  3. Okay, so it's established papa has been single for 26years. Well, he needs someone to take care of him and instead of employing a maid and getting 'konjified' all of the time, it's best to marry! Nice one papa!

  4. All he needed was a nurse not a wife.

    1. Haaaa..you want papa to grab nurse from behind one day????hehe..I think he did the right thing, it's no sin. Papa wants to die well and go to heaven. I just hope for the lady's sake he's not one of those men that God leaves to last upto age 120...hehehehehehe

  5. Enter your comment...she has come.to pack the remains of papa,his money and properties...d brides for this old men are just being born ...


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