This fan is NOT happy with Simi over her "ridiculous, pathetic synthetic wig"

A concerned fan, Maria (@swtebony) has taken to the comment section of popular singer, Simi to blast her about her choice of wig and dressing!

Calling it ridiculous and pathetic, Maria blasted Simi asking her to take a cue from Youtuber LolaOJ!
Maria commented:

symplysimi Please take out this pathetic extension/Synthetic wig its ridiculous!!! Gosh you would think as an "Artist" you know better??? Its embarrassing!!! Take a hint from @lolaoj or better still chidinma aka misskedike she's also an Artist like you!! You would never see any of them put on an outfit like they shop at yaba! Jezz grow the fuck up girl... No wonder you are just reaching 1m followers, dont get me wrong you are very talented and i am your no1 fan, but you need to step up your game girl!!! And to yall "simiarmy" ya not just her fan to support her nor encourage stupidity, you should sometimes show her tough love, thats what true fans do!!!
Not happy with being dragged into the matter, lola replied:

 @swtebony the amount of aggression in this post is alarming, please do not use me as a comparison to others, we are all unique in our own way. I love love Simi, she is hands down one of the most free spirited and real friends I've met, she if free to wear and dress how she wishes. Please let's all focus on bettering ourselves. Do better. God bless x

And the Oversabi concerned fan also replied:
@lolaoj I guess she is free to wear what she pleases in this case if she is no competitor to you right??? And hey! Huge mistake using your name, I bet if My handle displays me as a celebrity you would be proud of yourself right??? I gat you girl! Whatever makes you feel better... #Betruetoyourself


  1. Abeg may dem leave the girl alone, it's her life

  2. Na wa o. Y do some people like taking paracetamol for someone else's headache? Is it her wig? Is simi wearing it on her head?

  3. The wig is good on her.they shd let her be

  4. She doesn't have to be materialistic because she is a celebrity

  5. Sabinus! Is it your wig??? abi is it your cloth??? Or your money??? Some people can like to tun their mouth anyhow against their own but praise foreigners when they wear trash!

    Simi, please rock whatever suits you!

  6. Second time simi is failing in the hair and wardrobe dept. She urgently needs to fire or hire her a stylist.


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